Termite v.4 - drill jig

Please note!Drilling is performed through bushings.

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1. Drilling into the edge of the work piece.
2. Drilling on surface near the end of the work piece.
3. Drilling anywhere on the surface of the work piece.

Drilling in any place. Adjusting with 1 mm pitch.
Drilling with any diameter from 3 mm to 10 mm.

Drilling with standard drill (we recommend to use metal drills).

Brief operating principle.

1. Screw drill bushings into "Termite" furniture template.
2. Adjust the template for the required action.
May be it will be needed to apply one of the attachments.
3. Check everything thoroughly before drilling.
If you have any doubts, perform test drilling using pilot sample.
4. Perform drilling on the work piece.

Drilling into the edge / on surface near the end:

1. From reference edge, on surface near the end of the work piece = 8 mm or 9 mm.
2. From reference edge, into the edge of the work piece = from 8 mm to 23 mm.

Drilling on surface:

1. Standard distance to the first working hole = 37 mm. (as shown in the Figure below).
2. Standard distance to the last working hole = 37 + 544 = 581 mm.

Working holes pitch = 16 mm.
Distance from template edge to the working holes axis = 9 mm.
Distance between two rows of holes = 43 mm.

3. It is possible to adjust distances with 1 mm pitch due to Ø 5 mm adjusting holes.
Min distance = 7 mm.
Max distance = 581 mm.

1. The template is now equipped with a mounting plate.
It enables us to give up to some of the additional attachments in order to drill near the end and on surface.
Quick setting of right angle between template and mounting plate.

2. The first working hole was added. With distance between axes 32 mm.
Sometimes it is needed to make two holes with 32 mm pitch near the end of the work piece during drilling.
For example, during drilling for cross head screw driver of furniture hinges.

Polycarbonate or acryl (molded).
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm):
Template (724х61х10) + Mounting plate (562х43х10)
Weight (gram):


1. "Termite" drilling template - 1 pc.
2. Mounting plate template "Termite" - 1 pc.
3. Mounting plate fitting:

3.1. Screw, DIN7985 М5х25 zinc. - 5 pcs.
3.2. Washer, DIN433 M5 zinc. - 10 pc.
3.3 Square nut, DIN562 М5 zinc. - 5 pcs. (fixed in template)