Necessary element!For fixing during work.

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This powerful, but at the same time compact, clamp is suitable for use in a wide range of tasks, such as workpiece fixing on a bench, in makeshift or when fast holding and release of the piece has significant meaning. Handle has convenient form and is coated with rubber or plastic. Four holes for fixing it to the surface allow to fix the clamp firmly on flat surface. Due to small overall dimensions, this powerful clamp can be used where standard clamps (with similar clamping pressure) could not be set. Fixing of the piece is performed fast and easy (in vertical position of handle).

This clamp is used to:

1. Fixing "Termite" or "Termite-mini" furniture drill jig at the work piece during drilling on surface.
2. Fixing the work piece on work table.

Plated metal.
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm):
Weight (gram):


1. Clamp - 1 pc.